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Trial package Quetschies

18 Fresh fruit Quetschies

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Gratis Lieferung für alle Bestellungen

Ideal to try it out: The squeezing trial package is just the right thing for small explorers, large connoisseurs and delicate eaters. It is plump filled with a selection of fresh, vitamin-saving cold-pressed organic squeezing, which are specially tailored to the taste and nutritional needs of babies and older kids.

  • 100% natural organic ingredients
  • No added sugar
  • Cold -pressed vitamin -saving
  • 100% plans for Based


  • 2 x Inbanana Jones

    Inbanana Jones

  • 2 x Katy Berry

    Katy Berry

  • 2 x Prince vanilliam

    Prince vanilliam

  • 2 x Benedict Cucumberbatch

    Benedict Cucumberbatch

  • 2 x Quentin Carrotino

    Quentin Carrotino

  • 2 x Mangolina Jolie

    Mangolina Jolie

  • 2 x Berry Potter

    Berry Potter

  • 2 x Berry Poppins

    Berry Poppins

  • 2 x Chocodile Dundee

    Chocodile Dundee

Mehr Informationen sowie Nährwerte und Zutatenliste findest du, wenn du auf die entsprechenden Produkte klickst. Massgebend sind die Informationen zu Nährwerten, Zutaten und Allergenen, welche du auf den Produktverpackungen findest.


In diesem Paket sind Produkte mit folgenden Allergene enthalten:

  • gluten
  • Ersatzgarantie

    Deinem Kind hat eine Sorte nicht geschmeckt? Wir schenken dir bis zu 3 Ersatzprodukte in der nächsten Box. Gültig für alle yamo Bestellungen.


Why our children Quetschie Tasting Box is the perfect companion for your child

In our children's quets you will find a variety of quetschies that were developed especially for children from young to old. Our squeezes are a delicious alternative to conventional snacks. They became cold -pressed in vitamin and come in different flavors that will love children. Our squeezes are a practical and delicious snack. And the best thing about it? They are super tasty, fit into every lunch box and provide more fun in the snack game.

What's in the children Quetschie Tastic Box?

Our squeezes are made from 100% natural organic ingredients and we do without additional sugar to ensure that they taste as natural as possible. But that doesn't mean we do without taste! Our squeezes are delicious and perfect for a nutritious snack that fits ideal in small children's hands.


We believe that good nutrition and a healthy planet go hand in hand. That is why the bruise packaging is completely recyclable. In addition, the squeezes can be kept for several weeks, so you always have them on hand when your baby needs a snack.

What are the case with snacks for babies to consider?

Snacks are an important part of a baby's diet, but it is important that they are properly selected. Snacks should be nutritious and contribute to the balanced diet of a baby. Our squeezes are made from natural ingredients and do not contain any additional sugar or additives. They are also delicious and baby -friendly.