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Ceriaheal bars for children with dates, almonds and mango

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The delicious organic mueslir bar with mango, goji berries and crisp pumpkin seeds ensures the taste of the taste during board breaks. For all teammates aged 3+ who look forward to a fruity snack in the lunch box.

  • 100% natural organic ingredients
  • No added sugar
  • Nutri score A
  • Packaging without plastic & home compostable


  • 3 x Müsliriegel mit Mango und Goji-Beere


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100g 30g
energy 1629 KJ / 388 Kcal 489 kJ / 116 kcal
Fat 13 g 3.9 g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 1.3 g 0.4 g
carbohydrates 55 g 17 g
of which sugar* 38 g 12 g
Fiber 7.4 g 2.2 g
Proteins 8.8 g 2.6 g
Salt* 0.05 g 0.01 g

*Contains sugar and salt by nature.


DatTelmus 40%, dried mango 20%, peeled Almond 13%, Almond butter 7.9%, dried Goji berries 6.9%, dried bananas, oatmeal 4%, roasted pumpkin seeds 3%, rice flour. All agricultural ingredients come from organic cultivation (FR-BIO-01).

Contains gluten and shell fruits.
Can contain traces of soy, milk, eggs, sesame, peanuts and other shell fruits.
No sugar/salt additive.
So that children's hands do not stick after eating, rice flour is included. This can lead to white residues.


Highlights in a fruit bar with mango and goji berry

  1. Rich in fiber
  2. Nutri score A
  3. Perfect for small children's hands
  4. Plans


DatTelmus 40%, dried mango 20%, peeled Almond 13%, Almond butter 7.9%, dried Goji berries 6.9%, dried bananas, oatmeal 4%, roasted pumpkin seeds 3%, rice flour. All agricultural ingredients come from organic cultivation. Contains gluten and shell fruits. Can contain traces of soy, milk, eggs and peanuts.
No sugar and salt additive. So that children's hands do not stick after eating, rice flour is included. This can lead to white residues.

Dates Thanks to the amino acid tryptophan, have calming effect on the nerves and is therefore always used against insomnia. Fillers, minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium as well as B vitamins make dates a healthy snack.

mango Contains over ten different vitamins. One of the most important is vitamin A. It protects your eyes and is good for the mucous membranes in the body.

Almond are an excellent source for healthy fats, vegetable protein and fiber. They also deliver a lot of magnesium, vitamin E, B vitamins and numerous antioxidants. Magnesium supports the irritant line between nerves and muscles.

Goji berries If the absolute superfood is an excellent iron source and contain valuable secondary plant substances and numerous antioxidants. They are also used as a remedy in traditional Chinese medicine.

banana is rich in potassium and also contains magnesium and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 plays a role in protein metabolism. Potassium is indispensable for muscles, nerves and the heart.

oatmeal are good for blood formation (iron supplier), the immune system, cell formation, for skin and nails and the gastrointestinal tract.

Pumpkin are rich in nutrients that are important for the immune system, among other things. They contain a lot of magnesium that is essential for building muscles, nerve and bone cells, as well as vitamins E, vitamin B1, B2, B6, vitamin C and vitamin D.

Fruity cereal bars without additives

The first prototype for our fruit bars was created in normal cuisine and after a short tinkering in our grocery laboratory, the first organic bars were tested by parents and children. The result: tastes as good as homemade! We were able to reach our goal of producing a 100% natural fruit nut bar for children without adding sugar within only 6 months.

Our bar for kids are intended as a nutritious snack. The 30g portion is ideal in small children's hands.

That is why our organic bars with mango and goji berry are so outrageous

We use a gentle type of manufacture in which all ingredients are first shredded in a mixer and then mixed in a large container. In this mechanical process, the temperature increases to a maximum of 70 ° C. After that, the mixture is gently cooled down to 16 ° C in smaller containers in smaller containers in smaller containers. As soon as the mass is cool enough, the bars are shaped and packed in plastic -free and biodegradable film.

In addition to preservatives, we can also do without other additives such as added sugar, salts and also concentrates or dyes. Our labels remain readable and short and our organic ingredients and raw materials come exclusively from sustainable cultivation. Yamo mueslirliegel are kept up to 6 months.

Muesli bars for children with Nutri score A

Nutri-score is a nutritional marking that evaluates both content and nutrients such as fat, calories, fiber, protein, as well as the vegetable and fruit adaptation of a food and calculates a value on the basis of these properties- from the green A to Red E. In our break bar for kids-nuts and dried fruits-there are valuable ingredients that collect plus points when calculating the Nutri score. We do without ingredients with minus points such as crystal sugar or added fat.

You have to know about organic fruit bars with mango and goji berry

Why can white traces to be seen on some organic bars?
In order to reduce sticky children's hands to a minimum, we use rice flour, which is why white, completely harmless traces can be found on some bars.

Replacement guarantee if a variety is not well received
We know it: your child loves apricots for a week and suddenly it refuses to look at the former favorite food. That is why Yamo also has the replacement guarantee for parents who have Picky Eater at home. So if a variety is not well received by your child, you can contact us at any time and we will send you up to 3 replacement products with your next delivery that will hopefully taste better for your gourmet.

Parent tips for Jumango

1. fresh from the fridge tastes best: this cereal bar is chilled The ideal snack for children.
2. You can easily throw the film from the genetic engineering-free, TÜV-certified natural and renewable raw material cellulose in your compost and within 42 to 180 days it decomposes from itself into its natural components. The warmer, moist and bioactive the milieu, the faster the material is assimilated. If you don't have a compost, the film will find space in the yellow sack.
3. Your child doesn't like this muesli bar? No problem with our replacement guarantee. Get in touch with us and you get up to 3 other varieties to try for free in your next delivery.

4 facts about our special organic fruit bars

1. The organic bars are suitable for children aged 3 and over because the ingredients for this age group are procured and processed. The cereal bar contains some chewable components (almonds, seeds, etc.) If you do not see any ingredients on the list of ingredients that your child does not like or tolerate, then you are free to offer your child.

2. The packaging not only keeps our snacks fresh, it also consists of the organic material cellulose. Cellulose comes from plants and can therefore be easily disposed of in the garden compost. There it is food for the microorganisms in the ground. For a few months, the packaging in the compost decomposes and thus contributes to a clean environment.

3. Bio-fruit bars are mainly suitable for on the go because they can be consumed without much effort. The portion is already coordinated in a child -friendly manner. In the case of plastic -free packaging, we deliberately chose a colorful design. The curiosity of your child is awakened and your child will be encouraged to eat.

4. Our delicious bars for children fit into every lunch box and are ideal snacks for school or as a break catering on the hiking day. Also in between or as an alternative to dessert, the nutritious bars taste and are the ideal companions for on the go.

Sustainability at Yamo

The future eats Plant Based

We would like to leave a healthy and clean planet for the coming generations. This is also why our focus is increasingly on delicious and nutrient -rich, plant -based snacks for cool kids.

Why do we use oat milk as the basis for many Yamo products and not cow's milk? Among other things, because, unlike a cow, oats do not get out the greenhouse gas methane.