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7 month package

27 fresh baby porridge and squeeze from 7 months

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This is a prefabricated package in which the exchange of individual products is not possible.

Your child's flexibility is constantly expanding. The 7 -month package adapts to these needs and provides your child with fresh baby porridge and squeezing in varied flavors.

  • 100% natural organic ingredients
  • No added sugar
  • Cold -pressed vitamin -saving
  • 100% plans for Based


  • 2 x Beetney Spears

    Beetney Spears

  • 2 x Karote Kid

    Karote Kid

  • 2 x Spinachu


  • 2 x Cocohontas


  • 1 x Heidi Plum

    Heidi Plum

  • 1 x Mango No. 5

    Mango No. 5

  • 2 x Quentin Carrotino

    Quentin Carrotino

  • 2 x Katy Berry

    Katy Berry

  • 2 x Mangolina Jolie

    Mangolina Jolie

  • 2 x Chocodile Dundee

    Chocodile Dundee

  • 2 x Inbanana Jones

    Inbanana Jones

  • 1 x Benedict Cucumberbatch

    Benedict Cucumberbatch

  • 3 x Sweet Home Albanana

    Sweet Home Albanana

  • 3 x Blue Berrymore

    Blue Berrymore

Mehr Informationen sowie Nährwerte und Zutatenliste findest du, wenn du auf die entsprechenden Produkte klickst. Massgebend sind die Informationen zu Nährwerten, Zutaten und Allergenen, welche du auf den Produktverpackungen findest.


In diesem Paket sind Produkte mit folgenden Allergene enthalten:

  • gluten
  • soy
  • Ersatzgarantie

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Course plan from the 7th month

The yamo Complementary plan gives you an overview of how you can integrate solid food into the nutrition plan of your 7 -month -old child.

BEgg food plan as a PDF

Introduction daily schedule for eating a 7 month old baby

You are here because you want to learn more about the daily schedule for eating your 7 month old baby? Well, you are in the right place! In this article we will discuss everything you need to know to offer your little treasure the best possible nutrition. We will deal with the specific nutritional needs of a 7 -month -old baby, introduce an ideal daily schedule and give tips on how to introduce new food into your baby's menu. So buckle up and let us start this exciting journey!

What does a daily schedule mean for eating a 7 -month -old baby?

When we speak of a daily schedule for the food of the baby, we mean a structured nutrition plan that aims to offer your baby a balanced and healthy diet. This plan takes into account the specific nutritional needs of your baby at this specific age. It's not just about what your baby eats, but also when and how often. A good daily schedule helps to establish a routine and ensure that your baby will receive all the necessary nutrients throughout the day.

Why is a nutrition plan important for a 7 -month -old baby?

You may be wondering why a nutrition plan is so important for a 7 -month -old baby. Well, at this age your baby begins to discover firm food. It is a crucial phase in which your baby learns to recognize different flavors and textures. A good nutrition plan helps to support this journey of discovery and ensure that your baby receives all the necessary nutrients. It also helps build a healthy relationship with the food and can prevent later feeding problems.

What can a 7 month old baby eat?

A 7 -month -old baby can eat a variety of food. Start with soft, pureed foods and gradually add various textures. Fruit and vegetables, grain, meat and fish - all of this can be part of your baby's menu. Remember to introduce new foods individually to recognize possible allergies. And don't forget that your baby still needs milk or milk replacement. These should continue to make up a large part of your baby's diet.

What does an ideal daily schedule look like for eating a 7 month old baby?

An ideal daily schedule could look like this: breakfast from milk. Lunch with vegetable puree and some meat, afternoon snack with fruit and dinner with fruit and grain. Of course, every baby is different, and it is important to listen to the signals of your baby and adapt the plan accordingly. Some babies prefer smaller, more frequent meals, while others are satisfied with three main meals and a few snacks. It is also important to give your baby enough liquid during the day, preferably water or unsavory tea.

Differences in diet between a 7 months and a 9 month old baby

While a 7 -month -old baby is just starting with solid food, a 9 -month -old baby is already used to a larger variety of food. It can already eat small pieces and probably already has some favorite dishes. It is also more likely that a 9 -month -old baby already has three main meals and two snacks a day. But remember every baby is unique and develops at its own pace. It is important to listen to your baby's signals and adapt your diet accordingly.

How can you design the transition from milk to solid food for a 7 -month -old baby?

The transition from milk to solid food is a big step. Start slowly by replacing a meal with solid food once a day, and then gradually increasing the number of solid meals. Be patient and encourage your baby to try new foods, but never force it. It is also a good idea to let your baby sit at the family table during meals. So it can see how the adults eat, and it is encouraged to try it for yourself.

Common questions from parents about the diet of a 7 -month -old baby

Many parents have questions about their 7 -month -old baby's diet. How many meals should my baby have? What can I feed? Don't worry, all of these questions are completely normal and we will answer them in this article. It is important to know that there is no "only correct answer" to these questions. Every baby is unique and what works for one may not work for another. It is important to listen to your baby's signals and adapt your diet accordingly.

Tips for introducing new food into the daily schedule of a 7 month old baby

The introduction of new foods can be a challenge. Here are some tips: introduce new foods individually to recognize possible allergies. Offer a variety of food to get your baby used to different flavors. And above all: be patient and don't worry if your baby initially rejects a new food. It is completely normal! Sometimes it can take several attempts for a baby to accept a new food. And remember that the food is a new and exciting experience for your baby. Make it a positive and fun experience, and your baby will probably be more open to new foods.

Summary and final thoughts

The diet of your 7 month old baby is an exciting adventure, both for you and for your baby. With patience, love and a good nutrition plan, you can make sure that your baby receives all the necessary nutrients and at the same time discovers the world of solid food. Remember that every baby is unique and it is important to listen to the signals of your baby and adapt the nutrition plan accordingly. It is also important that you feel comfortable and safe. Do not hesitate to consult a pediatrician or nutritionist if you have any questions or concerns. And don't forget to enjoy this trip! The observation of how your baby discovers new flavors and textures can be one of the joys of being parents. So, relax, have fun and enjoy this exciting time with your baby!