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6 month package

18 fresh baby porridge and squeeze from 6 months

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This is a prefabricated package in which the exchange of individual products is not possible.

With the varied 6 month package, every meal becomes child's play. The selection of baby food is age-appropriate and full of fresh taste from 100% natural organic ingredients.

  • 100% natural organic ingredients
  • No added sugar
  • Cold -pressed vitamin -saving
  • 100% plans for Based


  • 3 x Anthony Pumpkins

    Anthony Pumpkins

  • 3 x Peach Boys

    Peach Boys

  • 2 x Heidi Plum

    Heidi Plum

  • 2 x Mango No. 5

    Mango No. 5

  • 1 x Berry Poppins

    Berry Poppins

  • 1 x Prince vanilliam

    Prince vanilliam

  • 3 x Sweet Home Albanana

    Sweet Home Albanana

  • 3 x Blue Berrymore

    Blue Berrymore

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In diesem Paket sind Produkte mit folgenden Allergene enthalten:

  • gluten
  • Ersatzgarantie

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Course plan from the 6th month

The yamo Complementary plan Gives you an overview of how you can integrate solid food into the nutrition plan of your 6 -month -old child.

Coaret plan as a PDF

Introduction daily schedule for eating a 6 month old baby

You are here because you want to know what your 6 month old baby can eat and what a typical daily schedule could look like. It is an exciting time when your baby starts trying solid food, and it can also be a little overwhelming. But don't worry, we are here to help you. In this guide we will explain everything you need to know to offer your baby a healthy and balanced diet. So grab a cup of coffee (or two, we know that you need it!) And let's get started!

Why is a daily schedule important for eating a 6 month old baby?

A structured daily schedule is an important step to offer your baby a balanced diet. It helps you to organize your baby's food intake and to ensure that it receives all the necessary nutrients. But that's not all. A daily schedule also helps to give your baby a routine, which offers him security and predictability. It is also a great way to present your baby a variety of tastes and textures. And the best thing about it? It can help to establish healthy eating habits that last for a lifetime!

What can a 6 month old baby eat?

At 6 months, your baby is ready to discover the world of solid food. But where do you start? Start with soft, pureed foods and slowly work yourself into more textured food. Fruit, vegetables, grain and meat can be all part of your baby's menu. Remember to introduce new foods individually to recognize possible allergies. And don't forget that every baby is different. What works for one may not work for another. So be patient and flexible.

What does a typical daily schedule look like for eating a 6 month old baby?

A typical daily schedule could consist of breast milk or formula in the morning. For lunch you could offer mashed vegetables and grain, and for dinner a milk-cereal fruit porridge. Snacks can also be introduced, but remember that milk should still be the main source of food. It is important that you pay attention to your baby's signals. If it asked for more, give it more. If it has enough, it won't force you to eat more.

Lunch ideas for a 6 -month -old baby

For lunch you could spoil your baby with pureed vegetables such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin or carrots. You could also add pureed chicken or beef to integrate some protein into the meal. Remember that it is important to get your baby used to different tastes and textures. So do not hesitate to try different types of vegetables. And if your baby doesn't like a certain vegetable, don't give up! It can take several attempts to accept a new food.

Dinner ideas for a 6 month old baby

For dinner you could feed your baby with a mixture of pureed fruit and grain. Remember to make meals varied to get your baby used to different tastes and textures. And don't forget that dinner is a great opportunity to teach your baby the concept of eating. So take the time to sit with your baby and enjoy the meal.

Snack ideas for a 6-month-old baby

Snacks are a great way to get your baby used to the concept of solid food. You could offer soft, pureed fruits or vegetables as a snack. Remember to keep the snacks small and easy to swallow. And don't forget that snacks are also a great opportunity to get your baby used to new tastes. So do not hesitate to try different types of fruit and vegetables.

How can you facilitate the transition from milk to solid food for a 6 -month -old baby?

The transition from milk to solid food can be an exciting but also confusing time for your baby. It is important that you are patient and supportive. Start with small quantities of solid food and gradually increase it. Offer a variety of foods to get your baby used to different tastes and textures

Frequently asked questions about the daily schedule for a 6 -month -old baby

Can my 6 -month -old baby already eat solid food? Yes, most babies are ready for solid food at 6 months. Pay attention to signs that your baby is ready, like interest in your food. However, it is always a good idea to talk to your pediatrician before you start the introduction of solid food.

How often should my 6 month old baby eat a day? At this age, babies should eat solid foods about 2-3 times a day, in addition to breast milk or formula. Remember that the needs of every baby are different and it is important to pay attention to the signals of your baby.

What should I do if my 6 -month -old baby rejects the solid food? It is quite normal for babies to hesitate to try solid food at first. Be patient and try again at a later date. It can take some attempts for your baby to accept new food. If your baby continues to reject solid food, i.e. with your pediatrician.

How can I make sure that my 6 -month -old baby gets enough nutrients? Offer a variety of food to ensure that your baby receives a balanced diet. If you have concerns, i.e. with your pediatrician. He or she can give you specific recommendations that are tailored to your baby's needs.


Congratulations, you are now well prepared to accompany your 6 -month -old baby on his trip to the world of solid food! Remember that every day is an adventure and it is okay if everything does not go according to plan. You do a great job! And don't forget that you are not alone. There is an entire community of parents out there that go through exactly what you are going through. So do not hesitate to ask for help and share your experiences. We are all together in this adventure of parenting!