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27 fresh baby porridge and squeeze from 11 months

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Attention complies with complementary foods: the 11 month packageist for you! The exciting selection of age -appropriate brews with different textures makes every meal into child's play. Insented delicious porridge and squeezing with fresh, natural taste - always at hand!

  • 100% natural organic ingredients
  • No added sugar
  • Cold -pressed vitamin -saving
  • 100% plans for Based


  • 2 x Beetney Spears

    Beetney Spears

  • 2 x Karote Kid

    Karote Kid

  • 2 x Spinachu


  • 2 x Cocohontas


  • 2 x Quentin Carrotino

    Quentin Carrotino

  • 2 x Berry Poppins

    Berry Poppins

  • 2 x Benedict Cucumberbatch

    Benedict Cucumberbatch

  • 2 x Chocodile Dundee

    Chocodile Dundee

  • 2 x Inbanana Jones

    Inbanana Jones

  • 1 x Mangolina Jolie

    Mangolina Jolie

  • 2 x Katy Berry

    Katy Berry

  • 3 x Sweet Home Albanana

    Sweet Home Albanana

  • 3 x Blue Berrymore

    Blue Berrymore

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In diesem Paket sind Produkte mit folgenden Allergene enthalten:

  • gluten
  • soy
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Course plan from the 11th month

The yamo Complementary plan gives you an overview of how you can integrate solid food into the nutrition plan of your 11 -month -old child.

Coaret plan as a PDF

Introduction daily schedule for eating a 11 -month -old baby

Today we deal with a very important topic: the daily schedule for eating your 11 -month -old baby. It is an exciting time full of discoveries, both for you and for your little miracle. Every day your baby gets to know new flavors and develops its preferences. It is a time of growth and development, and the right nutrition plays a crucial role. Let us immerse yourself in this delicious journey together!

Why is a daily schedule important for eating a 11 -month -old baby?

You may be wondering why you need a daily schedule for your baby eating. Well, it's very simple. A well -structured daily schedule will help you ensure that your baby receives all the necessary nutrients. It is like a guide that helps you to organize and plan your baby's meals and snacks. It can also help you establish a routine that gives your baby security and structure. A routine helps your baby to understand what comes next and can help to feel safe and safe.

What can an 11 month old baby eat?

At 11 months, your baby is ready to try a variety of food. From pureed fruit and vegetables overwhelmed meat to whole grain products. Remember to introduce new foods slowly and pay attention to possible allergies. It is also important that the food is cut small enough to minimize the risk of suffocation risks. And don't forget that the food is also a way for your baby to discover the world. Let it play with the food and explore them with their hands.

What does an ideal daily schedule look like for eating a 11 month old baby?

An ideal daily schedule could look like this: breakfast with wholemeal grain and fruit, morning snack with yoghurt, lunch with pureed vegetables and meat, afternoon snack with fruit and dinner with wholemeal grain and vegetables. Of course, every baby is different and it is important to respond to your baby's individual needs. Maybe your baby likes certain foods more than others, or it is more hungry at certain times of the day. It is important to be flexible and adapt the daily schedule to your baby's needs.

Which nutrients are essential for a 11 -month -old baby?

At this age, your baby needs a variety of nutrients, including iron, vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and more. Iron is important for blood formation, vitamin D for bone health and omega-3 fatty acids for brain development. It is important to ensure a balanced diet that contains all of these nutrients. This can be achieved by a mixture of meat, fish, whole grains, fruit and vegetables.

How can you get a 11 -month -old baby to try different foods?

It can be a challenge to make your baby try new food. But don't worry, with a little creativity and patience you can encourage your baby to try a variety of food. Try to make the food fun and interactively. For example, you could make a game out of it or let your baby keep the food yourself. Praise your baby when it tries new foods and show him how delicious you can find the food. It is also helpful to serve the new food together with a well -known and popular food.

What to do if a 11 -month -old baby doesn't want to eat?

It can be worrying if your baby doesn't want to eat. But don't panic! It is normal for babies to be picky at this age. Try to stay calm and offer different foods and textures. Sometimes it can help to offer food in a different form, for example as a finger food instead of as a porridge. If your baby continues to have difficulty eating, you should go to a pediatrician. It could be that there is a medical problem that affects the food.

Differences in the diet between a 9, 10 and 11 month old baby

While the diet of a 9 -month -old baby mainly consists of pureed food, 10 and 11 months old babies begin to try firmer food. It is an exciting time of discovery and learning for your baby! With every month, your baby becomes more skillful in dealing with food and can also manage more complex textures and flavors. It is important to let your baby progress at your own pace and not push it to eat firmer food before it is ready.

Tips for introducing new food into the daily schedule of a 11 -month -old baby

If you want to introduce new food into your baby's daily schedule, start slowly and be patient. Offer the new food several times before you give it up

The perfect breakfast for a 11 month old baby

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, even for your 11 -month -old baby. It provides the energy that your baby needs to start the day and can provide a variety of important nutrients. A good breakfast for a 11 -month -old baby could consist of whole grain cereals and fruit. For example, you could prepare a porridge from oatmeal and mix it with mashed fruits such as bananas or berries. This provides a good mix of carbohydrates for energy, fiber for digestion and vitamins for general health. Another great breakfast could be a soft cooked egg with a whole grain toast. Eggs are an excellent source for protein and vitamin D, and the whole grain toast delivers additional fiber and carbohydrates. You could also offer a yogurt with a high protein content and low sugar content as part of breakfast or as a morning snack. Remember that it is important to offer your baby a variety of food to ensure a balanced diet.

The importance of a balanced daily plan for eating a 11 -month -old baby

A balanced daily schedule for eating your 11 -month -old baby is the key to a healthy development. It is an exciting journey and we are here to support you with every step. So, let's continue this delicious journey together!